Thursday, December 8, 2011

Alliance Rules

Well, there aren't many to list, but they do make a difference:

  1. No requesting platinum--or any other item that can only be bought in the shop--from any other team member.
  2. When the team leader has declared war against another alliance, any and all attacks should be directed at any member of that alliance.
    • There are only 3 warps available at any given time, don't waste them.  This would also show that we are a united group--1 or 2 attacks won't make a point as much as 50+ attacks from the same team.
  3. Use the alliance chat to request resources--save the mail for more important items
  4. Don't whine or complain about being attacked--it's a normal part of Edgeworld.


  • Collect from your crystal/gas/energy/uranium plants often
    • You'll stand a chance of losing less resources, if you get raided
  • Check the alliance page often
    • It shows who has attacked someone on the team
    • Priority to attack anyone that the team has declared war on
    • If you click on the name of the attacker, then click on Alliance info
      • This will give you a list of everyone on the other team, and if they're online
  • Be an active member
    • Advancing in levels--this helps the team's rank
    • Donating resources to a higher level team member who can store and protect it
      • This can help others on the team
    • Stop in alliance chat and say hi
      • No one is expecting you to be online 24/7 or for hours at a time.
      • Just be yourself, and enjoy Edgeworld
  • Reasonable, respectful and mind your manners
    • Seriously, you can be yourself, but once you're a part of the team, you'll also be representing the team to everyone in Edgeworld.
    • Maturity is free.  Immaturity will get you booted off the team.

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