Friday, March 8, 2013

Edgeworld did just that, it went over edge...

It's been some time since the last blog, and yeah, I kinda gave up on EW after more than a year of playing it.

A combination of factors just made it too much to keep on my plate, so something had to go.  EW was one of the things that I dropped.

Consider that one of the better leaders of any faction, had left the game. Dropped his account on me, right when I had planned on leaving as well.  I decided to tread water for a bit.

That changed eventually, other factions wanted to expand.  A notorious idiot who cares little for anyone other than himself, has outspokenly insulted his own wife in public chat, and likes names like 'shadow' decides to shake things up.  I'd never done anything to him before Killer left, then shadow made me a target regardless of what happened. *shrug*

A somewhat young, but respected player decides to create a new faction, takes a large chunk out of his previous team, and wonders why I 'appear' to be making back room deals--especially, when he decides that  shadow should be given another chance.  Ah, the Scorpion and the Frog...

It's a game, but not one that I'd spend money on--there's no return on anything spent on it, and when it's left behind, there'll be nothing left to show for it.

I've always wanted a balance of sorts in the game.  There are those I'd like to meet in real life, and there are those I'd want to beat some sense into.  shadow was one of those I'd do the latter; they have two kids, and (1) *NEVER* insult or denigrate the woman who brought those kids into your life, (2) *NEVER* do something that would jeopardize taking care of those children or your wife.

Was a new computer worth playing EW while it made making rent and putting food on the table difficult if not impossible to do?  Does it make one feel better to call your wife all those names and curse in anger in a public forum?

Personally can't stand anyone who can't respect any woman for the things they can do, that men can't.

I know, that's a long soapbox.  Let's just add, that I had two relatives both have heart attacks within a week of this.  While I was trying to single-handedly support the network and system administration for the GESL/Intel LanFest charity event.  Daily life, it was also Father's Day that I missed spending with my own kids, and so many other things all at once, that I just about quit EW cold turkey.

Well, the wife still plays the game, but I just can't bring myself to even call up any of the EW accounts.

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