Wednesday, May 9, 2012

There's an obvious need to clear several things up:

First, the primary mission for the map war, was to attack The Golden Horde. The reason for the attack was simple:

Ratz was warned not to let ShadowFall rejoin GH. Allowing Shadow to rejoin GH meant that Ratz and GH agreed and condoned Shadow's actions, tactics and general disregard for the rest of the sector. Crash and HDLmonkey stated in no uncertain terms, that should Shadow rejoin GH, that a major attack against GH would be the only result.

The rest is now sector history.

That was the *ONLY* and *PRIMARY* reason for any participation of The Killers. As part of the message that Shadow's actions would not be tolerated, since giving him the 'silent treatment' failed to work.

There was no agreement or discussion on pursuing any other alliance. Apex, Vertex and Varden requested passage through Killer territory to gain access to the GH portion of the map. Varden used the exact same path as Apex and Vertex.

~ end part 1~
Web left The Killers to create Elite Killers, in order to ensure that The Golden Horde was contained. Web had full knowledge that Apex, Vertex, The BrownCoats and Varden would also be operating in the general area.

There was no discussion or direction to pursue any other alliance, once the campaign against GH was completed.

Web has had negative feelings towards Varden, since they wiped Solo from their position on the map. In this wargame/PvP, the team/group/alliance that is the most active, will be able to succeed even against a higher ranked or larger group. As a testament to the 'Survival of the Fittest', Varden was able to remove Solo--which wasn't easy, as Apex, Vertex and several Killers even stepped out to directly assist Solo against Varden.

~ end part 2~
The Elite Killers were only supposed to deal with The Golden Horde. There has never been any planning to attack any other alliance; not Apex, not Vertex, not The BrownCoats, and not even Gauliste. Any planning for the battles after GH, were from Web.

Web has openly stated his feelings about Varden. And I have openly stated my opposition to *ANY* actions that are based on emotion; any battle fought on instinct and emotion, will have the greatest chance to fail.

From the earliest dealings with Varden, Gauliste and Solo, the initial plan was to have them co-exist near the border between The Killers and Apex. Varden was to move their base to the middle area, below Solo. And Gualiste was to move their bases to the lower area against the Apex border below Varden. And all three of those alliances would be able to help our lower level players get above level 1500.

~ end part 3~
The Tactical View: Varden is a *very* active alliance. 4 players who are online for 8 hours, are more valuable and can do more damage than 8 players who are on for 4 hours. Why? The bottleneck for every player, is that there are only a certain number of warps and usage of the warps to chain bases becomes more effective when used over a longer period of time.

In the 4 hours, the 8 players will end up running out of bases to claim, and possibly not working as a team.  With the 4 players in 8 hours, the 4 players will be able to reverse any damage that the 8 players did, and then claim just as much territory as the 8 players did.

The Varden versus Solo conflict is a testament to this. Varden had active players online for more hours than Solo did; and Varden had nowhere near the levels and alliance rank as Solo.

~ end part 4~
The other side of the coin: Because of the split of the number of active high level players, The Killers are back to being at a disadvantage. Even if The Killers wanted to attack another alliance, we would be hard pressed to defend our territory while trying to attack their bases.

Web has placed The Killers into a hazardous situation. After the 72 hours was over, anyone in the Elite Killers was supposed to return to The Killers. Instead, Web's vendetta to remove Varden from the former GH territory has split us up.

* The Killers as an alliance cannot manage more than 25,000 bases. The bases occupied by Elite Killers is alot.
* The Elite Killers were only supposed to focus on The Golden Horde.

~ end part 5~
* It ultimately does not matter who occupies that territory; it could be The BrownCoats, or Vertex. Hell, it could be Varden or Gauliste. Because we aren't able to manage more than 25,000 bases.

I do not know everything that Web has told anyone else. I do know that I did not agree to actions against any other alliance, including The BrownCoats, Vertex, Apex, Kung Fu Grip and Varden. And I do know that it was Web's words to Solo which made them decide to join GH instead of Killers when they lost their place on the map.

~ end part 6
Lastly, The Killers have had decisive splits and changes in the roster nearly every other month since this sector was first created. And have grown because of the people who believe in the team. I don't agree nor condone actions that ShadowFall has committed, since he attacked both friend and foe without regard for others. In a similar view, I can't condone or agree on the actions of Web, since Varden has not threatened or attacked any part of Killers, and has in fact, only helped both against GH and in protecting our respective territories--the only thing that Varden has been guilty of, has been making Web angry.

I won't ask anyone to choose sides. The battle against Varden is for the *wrong* reasons, compared to the war against The Golden Horde. If you want your fellow Killers in Elite to come back, then tell them.

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